Game Review: Prince of Persia Classic on Android

Game Review: Prince of Persia Classic on Android


The Classic 1989 2D sidescroller Prince of Persia has been remade and re-skinned by the folks at Ubisoft , the game is absolutely stunning on an Android device.

Gameplay and Controls

The story follows a young nameless Persian, who has the unquenchable thirst for adventure. He stumbles across the love of a young princess who’s ironically the center of a big scheme for the powerful Wizard Jaffar to reign the land and become king. The Prince has to travel through the wizard’s castle, avoiding traps and fighting swordsman to rescue the princess from being locked into a lifelong marriage with the evil wizard.

The gameplay has captured the classic 1980’s game perfectly, and it will be a very nostalgic experience for those that played the game earlier in their life. The newly polished version features 14 levels of adventure, putting you in an almost maze-like set of castle floors.

The controls are easy to pick up, and offer a touch stick for movement and three action buttons to allow the character to jump, crouch, roll, and sneak.

The game is more about quickly progressing through the level by using your smarts to work out which way to go, and the quickest method to take, instead of focusing on quick action and fighting scenes like many of the newer Prince of Persia games.

The combat in Prince of Persia is simple and quite basic, but it does add an extra layer of playability to the game, and splits up the running and jumping over obstacles a little.

When you enter an area with an enemy in, the action buttons will be changed to three different attack options in its place. You’ll use the attack, block and counter buttons to interact with the enemy player, and usually killing them will be a requirement to move through the rest of the level. The combat is slow paced and for fans of the new Prince of Persia games, the classic remake may not be enough action-packed for you.

Each level will be accompanied by a map accessible from the main menu, and you’ll ending up referring to this quite often, because without it the game can become very confusing and we’d easily get lost. The map doesn’t give us much information about what the level contains and how to complete it, but it gives us enough of an overview to navigate the level without frustration.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are very impressive, and although they aren’t as great as the XBLA version, they’re impressive enough for a mobile device, and scale reasonably into various handset or tablet sizes.

Although the controls are quite responsive, the animations are a little slow at times, and it ends up slowing down the game, and this along with the map being only available in the menu makes the game progress slower than it really needs to, and it’d be nice to have an option to add a mini-map to the screen.



  • 14 levels of Adventure
  • Scene changes occur quite often
  • Fighting adds more variety in gameplay
  • Controls easy to pick up


  • Gameplay feels a little slow
  • Animations aren’t perfect
  • Free version requires purchase for full game

Download Prince of Persia Classic here