State of iOS 6 Jailbreak: Not Quite Yet, but Several Developers Are...

State of iOS 6 Jailbreak: Not Quite Yet, but Several Developers Are Working On It

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

When it comes to iOS, it is generally recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible. Ordinarily, the only exception to this rule is for those that rely on jailbreaking to get the most out of their Apple iDevice experience. With iOS 6, however, there are several reasons why you might want to hold off.

The newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system has been plagued with Wi-Fi connectivity problems as well as the issues with map service. These reasons alone might make you want to wait for bug fixes. More than likely, iOS 6 will soon fix its problems and become quite stable- but what about jailbreaking?

Recently we reported that a jailbreak solution using Redsn0w was out but only worked with the iPhone 4, 4th gen iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS. This left out several new devices, including the 4S and iPhone 5. The good news is that folks like Pod2G have already begun talking about jailbreaking iOS 6 on all devices, and more than one project has likely started already. It’s also worth noting that this weekend was JailbreakCon, where all sorts of hackers got together to talk about Cydia, jailbreaking and iOS 6.

More than likely, several of these talented programmers brought up the subject of jailbreaking and started brainstorming and discussing possible ways to get the job done. For a full break down of what was discussed at the convention, check out Cult of Mac’s detailed break down of the event.

A solution is coming, even if it isn’t here quite yet. For those who don’t remember, it took about a month or so before iPhone 4S received a jailbreak and I wouldn’t be surprised if we wait just as long- if not longer. The biggest silver lining is that waiting for iOS 6 seems like a good idea anyhow, considering the intial bugs and problems many upgraders have faced.

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