Polaroid iD450: Streaming, 16MP Pictures and HD Video, only $179

Polaroid iD450: Streaming, 16MP Pictures and HD Video, only $179


We live in a time when video cameras are so small and have such great HD resolutions that you can essentially carry a movie studio in your pocket. Considering many of the most exciting photo and video opportunities are unplanned, its important to have the right video and photo device with you at all times. One cool looking device that isn’t too expensive is the new Polaroid iD450.

What makes the iD450 worthy of your time and money? The pocket-sized device not only can capture in HD, it also has a 16MP camera for pictures. Other perks include 128MB internal storage, microSD expansion up to 64GB and the ability to use your mobile device as a wireless remote for this camera.

Not enough reason to buy it yet? What about time lapse abilities, self timer, slow motion playback, white balance, YouTube/Facebook capability and a built in LED light with 3-inch touchscreen? As you can see, there is a lot to love about this Polaroid. For those that like streaming video live or using your camera as a webCam, the iD450 is more than capable for these tasks as well. The price for this camera is very reasonable as just $179 via Amazon.

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