Daily Deal: Save up to 80% on Class 10 Micro SD Cards

Daily Deal: Save up to 80% on Class 10 Micro SD Cards


Previously, a high speed micro SD card would put you back up to $150, and with a technology that can house up to 32GB in a space of 15 by 11 mm, and a width of just a millimeter, it’s always been understandable why these products might cost so much.

But today you’ll be able to get yourself a Class 10 micro SD by Patriot for between 50-80% off of the retail price. That means you’ll be able to bag yourself a 32GB micro SD card for just under $25 from Amazon!

If you’re wondering about what Class 10 means, it’s referring to its read/write capability. On a scale of 1 to 10, the higher the class, the faster your SD card will be able to perform tasks with the data it’s dealing with. To get that into an easy explanation, the Patriot Class 10 micro SDs have typical read/write speeds of 10MB/s, but customer images have proven to beat the standard and some show speeds of up to 18MB/s and 12.5MB/s respectively. With those speeds you’ll be able to copy a Gigabyte worth of music onto your SD card in around 2 minutes.

You’ll be able to locate 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB offerings on the Amazon page, allowing you to find a size suitable for your needs.