App Review: YouTube for iOS

App Review: YouTube for iOS


The license agreement between Google and Apple for the Apple YouTube app could not have ended at a better time. With the coming of iOS 6, came the introduction of the new standalone Google YouTube app on September 11, 2012. There is no reason to be upset about this exchange either. The new YouTube includes a lot more features and a much more stylized interface.

When you open the app, you can swipe the main screen to the right to reveal options. You can sign in and view all of your subscribed channels and recommended videos, change your account settings, add channels or choose which category of videos to browse. If you just want to quickly look up a video, you can tap the search button at the top, right of the screen to reveal a search bar to type or speak your search query.

After opening a video, you are able to view the description, suggested videos and comments all while watching the video. If you are signed in to YouTube, you can easily “thumbs up,” “thumbs down,” and add your own comments. Google even added a quick way to add a video to lists and share via multiple avenues, such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages.


  • More personalized to suit your needs. You can manage your account and easily view your subscribed channels, as well as view your suggested channels based on your subscriptions.
  • More sharing options are available. Along with the aforementioned sharing options, you can copy the link, add to a “Watch later” list, add to favorites or add to a playlist.
  • Better search options are now in the new YouTube with the ability to browse by category or search by voice.
  • Cleaner interface than before. The Apple YouTube app was very plain and a bit too simple. The Google YouTube app has spruced up the style to give you all the new features, but in a clean, straight-forward fashion. You will not have any confusion with where certain options are located.


  • The app now can include advertisements. While I, personally, have not viewed any ads on the new YouTube app, Google now has the ability to place ads in the app. Ads are Google’s main source of income, so the change should come as no surprise.
  • The transition was not clear and some users may not know about it. The iOS 6 update removing the Apple YouTube app was not made clear.

Overall, the new YouTube app from Google is a vast improvement over the Apple YouTube app, which basically has not changed since it was released. Google makes managing your account, channels and sharing simple and easy, and it looks good while doing it. I would not mind watching some video ads too help Google keep the new YouTube app running well; especially because the app is completely free.

Download the Google YouTube app here.