iPhone 5 Launcher released for Android

iPhone 5 Launcher released for Android


When it comes to Android fans, most of them are more than happy to poke fun at Apple’s iOS whenever they have the chance. With that in mind, the so-named “Fake iPhone 5 Launcher” might have been made partially as a joke or a prank to tease iPhone 5 users, but it is a very real and working launcher released over at XDA Developers. I decided to play around with it myself for a bit, and it actually works rather well for those that want a different launcher experience than what they currently have.

The new iPhone 5 launcher features the following:

  • Most realistic iPhone skin on the market.
  • Fully functional home screen replacement.
  • Beautiful icon effects – all installed apps are styled.
  • Comes with 16 default apps on the first page.
  • Custom wallpapers supported!
  • Swipe-to-Search available – just swipe left at the main screen.

How many folks would really want this launcher for day-to-day use? It is hard to say. There have already been more 100,000 installs and a four star rating, though its hard to say whether folks are using this for serious reasons or not. For those that are new to Android, this could provide a little bit of familiarity while transitioning from iOS.

What do you think? Android users: would you consider an iPhone 5-esque launcher? Iphone users: would the existence of a reasonably similar launcher on Android sway you into considering a non-Apple smartphone?
For those that want to give this a try, it works with Android 2.1 and higher.

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