iOS 6 Users Reporting WIFI Connectivity Problems

iOS 6 Users Reporting WIFI Connectivity Problems


Besides less than great maps, iOS 6 users might have another issue at hand: WIFI connectivity. Apparently some have had problems turning WIFI on after upgrading to iOS 6. For others, WIFI seems to work but they can’t get it to connect to a network.

Many times, the fix is to simply “reset network settings”. Unfortunately, this isn’t doing the job. As of now, Apple’s forum has a page on this that is 94 pages long so it is clearly an issue for some. Personally, I’ve waited off upgrading the iPad 2 in our household simply to make sure all the problems have been worked out first. Being the first to upgrade to a new OS is almost always a mixed bag of good and bad. New versions add great features, but they also sometimes have bugs that weren’t caught in time. It doesn’t matter if we are talking Apple, Microsoft or Google- problems happen.

Have you upgraded to iOS 6 yet? Any noticeable problems with WIFI? Feel free to share your iOS experience with us in the comments below.

UPDATE: iOS 6.0.2 has now been released (on 12/18/12) and is said to fix the problem. Download it and tell us if your Wi-Fi troubles are behind you with the update or not.

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