Google’s Self-Driving Car Makes Its Way To California

Google’s Self-Driving Car Makes Its Way To California


Google has shown us that the idea of a self-driving car isn’t so crazy after all. The Google driveless car has successfully been tested in Nevada, but now its California’s turn. Yesterday, California’s governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that makes driving self-driving vehicles on the roads legal. This legislation was needed in order for Google to begin testing.

Google’s Sergey Brin says they will start testing the car within the coming months. That being said, we are still a ways away from self-driving cars being commonplace. The technology is there, and everyday it is seeming more and more possible. What’s holding back the mass rollout of driveless car solutions? First, they are expensive. The price of the technology makes for a very expensive car to say the least. Next, there are many consumers out there that are still leary of the idea of a car without a driver being let loose onto the roads.

Despite the obstacles currently in place, a future of driveless cars may not be that terribly far away. This is speculation, but I imagine Google will never mass-produce their own car- instead it would be licensed out to premium companies like Volvo and B&W. What do you think? Interested in the idea of a car that doesn’t require you to directly drive it?

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