Video: Robot Plant Holder Seeks Out the Sun

Video: Robot Plant Holder Seeks Out the Sun


If you have plants in the house, then you’ll know that there is no such thing as the perfect spot for them. While you may be able to keep the plant in direct sunlight for some hours of the day, the shifting sun necessarily means that your plant can’t stay there. And that’s where it might benefit from some robot assistance.

It’s called the Plant Host Drone (PHD) and it’s a wheeled robotic plant holder that will actively seek out the sun’s rays, moving over to where it (and the plant it holds) can soak in some sunlight. The PHD was developed by Stephen Verstraete, a scupltor from Belgium, and it is designed to look like a trilobite. It moves around on a RP5 tank-tread platform, finding the areas of higher light intensity. Like a Roomba, it also has collision switches to prevent it from bashing into your walls, doors, banisters and furniture.

If you want to have a sun-seeking plant holder of your own, Verstraete has posted the schematics online and you can make your own. If you’d prefer a little more guidance, he plans on producing a DIY kit of some kind for about $32. While it would incredibly logical sense for the PHD to be solar-powered, it is just regular battery-powered at the moment. Verstraete says that he is thinking about an optional solar kit though.