Samsung Working On Its Own Mobile Browser

Samsung Working On Its Own Mobile Browser


How much thought do you put into the kind of mobile browser you use? Odds are that you probably use what is already there. The same kind of attitude was persistent in the PC world for years, until Internet Explorer started showing some real problems and alternatives like Firefox OS started getting positive attention. Even so, both in the mobile and desktop world, browser choice isn’t that important as long as you can get to the pages you want.

All iDevices come standard with Safari. All Android devices generally come with Chrome or the older Android default browser- though certain carriers and brands use alternatives. Samsung wants to change things up a bit with their own offering.

No one will be surprised by this revelation, but the truth is that Samsung Android devices represent a pretty large chunk of all phones and (to lesser extent) tablets out there. If Sammy replaced the default browser or Chrome with its own WebKit-based alternative, few would do anything to remove it and Samsung would quickly rise up as one of the biggest mobile browsers for the Android platform.

For those that don’t know, both Chrome and Safari are based on WebKit. This means that Samsung’s browser would likely not seem much different from either of these offerings. It’s just another way that Samsung wants to take deeper, customized control over their smartphones.

Does the idea of Samsung mobile browser interest you, or are you indifferent to the idea?

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