Xperia Sola mod allows Floating Touch throughout Entire UI

Xperia Sola mod allows Floating Touch throughout Entire UI


The Sony Xperia Sola has a pretty unique feature, it’s called floating touch. What is that all about? Basically you can interact with the phone without having to touch the screen. This is a really cool idea, though Sony limited when and where the feature could actually be used.

Luckily, XDA member neectron has found a way around the limitations, creating a new app that enables floating touch technology throughout the entire UI of the Xperia Sola. The new modification is easy to install, but you have to have the Xperia Sola for it to work.

Why would you possibly want something like this? Why not just touch the screen like normal? I’ll be honest, this isn’t something you’d use a lot. With that in mind, there are uses. For those that work outdoors or deal with grease at their job, do you really want to touch that screen before washing? For those with slightly wet hands, this could be a convenient way to use your phone without worrying about getting water all of the screen.

The reasons might not affect everyone very often, but it does go to show you that there are practical applications for floating touch. Check out the video below or head to the XDA developer’s forum and grab the mod for yourself.