Want Google Maps Back for iOS 6? A solution may soon be...

Want Google Maps Back for iOS 6? A solution may soon be at hand


Apple’s maps are awesome, so much better than Google Maps. No? Well at least they are pretty. Alright, harsh sarcasm aside- Apple’s maps leave a lot to be desired at the moment. Will they improve and become worthy of the Apple brand? I imagine so, it just takes some time.

In the meantime, it’s not fair for those that want iOS 6 to be stuck with a map program that is buggy and inaccurate. Luckily, a solution is at hand. Developer Ryan Petrich has managed to hack Google Maps to work as an overlay over Apple’s Maps app. This requires jailbreaking and isn’t for everyone, but a little skill can get this working.

Okay, so now for the bad news: It’s not ready for prime-time yet. The app crashes often and isn’t public worthy just yet. The hacking community seems to know its stuff though, and it’s only a matter of time before Ryan Petrich (or even someone else) gets Google Maps working perfectly again. Even Google is trying to get Apple to put a separate Google Maps app on the market, though its unlikely that Apple will allow the competing app into their AppStore.

Does the buggy Apple Maps experience prevent you from upgrading to the iPhone 5 or to iOS 6, or are you living with it as-is for now?

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