App Review: Oh Hi! Octopi!

App Review: Oh Hi! Octopi!


Oh Hi! Octopi! combines retro nostalgia with cute animal characters. With an interesting puzzle design, although Oh Hi! Octopi! sounds like a fun, casual game for any iOS gamer. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


Oh Hi! Octopi! is a basic platform puzzle game with a few new mechanics. Waves of octopi will appear and walk slowly around the board. Use your character to hit the octopi with the hammer to stun them, and change their colors, then “smash” the button in the center to create a balloon. The balloon will destroy stunned octopi in groups of at least two matching colors. After clearing one level, you move to the next round, which is the same, but with more octopi. Sounds simple, right?

It is not as simple as it sounds. After going through a tutorial that is too short. Oh Hi! Octopi! suffers a lot from having bad controls. While the developer, kode80, had the players’ best interests in mind, the one-button to control everything only creates for a frustrating experience. You control everything by tapping the screen; everything from moving, hitting the hammer and jumping. This makes your character move around erratically on the screen and when you want to do accomplish one thing, you cannot because your character is moving around wildly. For example, if you want to hit the button that creates the balloon, your character moves around too much for you to efficiently release the balloon.


The sound and music of the game, while reminiscent of retro gaming, is very repetitive and you will likely be muting the music after a few minutes of play.

The retro-style graphics and cute octopi of Oh Hi! Octopi! instantly draw you in. It is a shame that the trouble with the rough controls outweighs the charm of the graphics. Also, the scenery and octopi never change, which can get dull quickly.


  • Good retro graphics
  • Interesting match-making puzzle idea


  • Music that quickly becomes bothersome
  • Too short tutorial
  • Very bad controls that create a lot of problems for the player

I wish I could say I enjoyed Oh Hi! Octopi!, but the game is very close to being unplayable due to the poor controls. If Oh Hi! Octopi! had differing controls for some abilities, the character may be less erratic and I may have been able to experience more of the puzzle aspect of the game. This game had the potential to be a refreshing take on a reto-style puzzle game, but it has simply failed to deliver on multiple levels.

Download Oh Hi! Octopi! for $.99 here.