Highly Popular iOS game, Subway Surfers, comes to Android

Highly Popular iOS game, Subway Surfers, comes to Android


Highly popular iOS game “Subway Surfers” is finally making its way over to Android via Google Play. This game has great (for a tablet) graphics, if not a little on the cartoony side, and has easy to learn controls that even a young child can use. I actually have the iOS version and my three year old loves this game- I find it quite enjoyable myself as well.

What’s Subway Surfers all about? Basically you are running away from a chubby security officer after he catches you tagging some trains with spray paint. You must run across trains, duck under signs and all sorts in this quick action game. If you hit up against a wall or other object, you get caught.

The sounds are as charming as the graphics in this unique game from Kiloo Games. Sure the music isn’t anything that special, but it’s not annoying either. If the Android version is as polished as the iOS version, you will find that they game runs great without any glitches or bugs, something that is often rare in mobile games.

Subway Surfers now available through Google Play for Android users, or Apple AppStore for those with an iPad or iPhone. Best of all, this really feels like a premium title you’d be willing to pay for, but it’s completely free.