Samsung is going to war against Apple, claiming 4G LTE and other...

Samsung is going to war against Apple, claiming 4G LTE and other patent violations


When Samsung lost its major legal battle to Apple, Mobile Magazine warned that the battle was far from over. There would be appeals, and likely future lawsuits. Since then, Apple has prepped a new lawsuit against Samsung and now even Sammy has confirmed they are going to war with Apple over the iPhone 5.

What are they so angry about with the iPhone 5? It’s all about 4G LTE, among other patents that Samsung believes Apple is violating.

Samsung owns many patents involved in the 4G LTE technology, which means they might actually have legal grounds against Apple – maybe. Patent law allows standards to be used, despite patents, and 4G LTE is quickly reaching a point where it is a standard. 3G still is king in many areas though, so it’s really hard to say where this could go, legally speaking.

Outside of 4G LTE, Samsung continues to stand behind the idea that Apple is guilty of infringing on Sammy’s existing patent library in several key areas wit hits iPad and iPhone devices.

Can Samsung win this new legal attack against Apple? Considering all their patent infringement claims went unheard and largely ignored in the California trial- it’s looking pretty doubtful. What do you think? Are you as sick as Samsung and Apple’s stupid bickering as I am?

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