iOS 6 – Should you upgrade? What about jailbreaking?

iOS 6 – Should you upgrade? What about jailbreaking?


Apple’s newest version of iOS 6 is finally here, but should you upgrade? There are many great reasons to consider an upgrade. The biggest are for the new Maps, SIRI upgrades, better Facebook integration, the use of Facetime over data and panorama mode for camera.

That’s far from all the upgrades in iOS 6, but the bottom-line is that there are many key improvements that make moving to the newest version worthwhile. What about jailbreaking, though?

Many consumers choose to jailbreak in order to get past the controlled and strict nature of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Each time a new version of iOS comes out, hackers usually have to go back to the drawing board to make it work with the update.

This is why many jailbreak fans wait a while before upgrading. The good news is that iOS 6 has already been jailbroken, even though its only been public for 24 hours. The iPhone Developer Team has already made Redsn0w fully compatible with iOS 6. Great news, right? Mostly.

The iOS 6 Redsn0w jailbreak is only working with A4-powered iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4th gen iPod Touch. The 4S, iPhone 5 and new iPad are completely left out in the dark at the moment.
When it comes to jailbreaking, the iPhone hackers out there always seem to be on top of things. A fully functioning jailbreak on new Apple devices will likely be here before we know it. In the meantime, those with new iOS devices might want to hold off on an upgrade a bit longer.

Have a Redsn0w compatible iOS 6 device? Check out the link to Redmond Pie for a full guide on jailbreaking iOS 6 with RedSn0w.