Casio Exilim Offers Kickstand and Motion-Sensing Picture Taking

Casio Exilim Offers Kickstand and Motion-Sensing Picture Taking


Casio is far from the leader of the digital camera world, still the Exilim Ex-ZR1000 is certainly worth your attention. Why? It has a built-in stand that keeps it propped in landscape or portrait modes. This is especially useful if you are in to taking vanity shots, or simply want to be in that family photo and don’t have an extra person to hold the camera.

Is that the only thing that makes this Casio camera stand out? While certainly the ‘biggest’ feature for this $450 16.1MP shooter, it’s not the only feature that sets it apart. The EX-ZR1000 also has a motion activated shutter release. This is really cool since all you have to do is wave your arms at the camera and it will snap a photo 2-seconds later.

Ever set a camera, prop it up and try to run to the photo-op, only to have it snap too early? This feature that requires you to wave at it can truly mean that you can take your time and get the perfect shot. The Casio Exilim also has a 12.5x optical zoom, a dedicated mode dial and even zooming through a ring around the lens barrel.

This camera isn’t for everyone, but it’s a pretty solid offering. Of course $450 might be a little rich in cost for just a P&S camera. At this price range many consumers might be better served by dropping a few hundred more and getting a DSRL instead. What do you think?

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