Smart Forstars Concept Car Combines Car with Movie Projector

Smart Forstars Concept Car Combines Car with Movie Projector


Ah, the good old days of movie drive-ins. Unfortunately, drive-in theathers are a very rare find in today’s world. What if you could make your own drive-in wherever you went? That’s what the new Smart Forstars concept car plans to do.

The vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show from September 29th to October 14th and is an electric sports utility coupe that also functions as a mobile video projector.

In a word: awesome. I like the all glass top where its name “forstars” comes from (star viewing, get it?). It also lets you view stars on the big scren through the project, so dual meanings to the name, I suppose. The projector itself is operated by smartphone and linked to a high-quality sound system with speakers in ventilation openings behind the doors.

The car features a 60 kW magneto-electric motor and has a top speed of 80MPH- quite zippy for such a little city car. Looking at the photos you’ll quickly figure out that this car is all about standing out in a crowd. Its style is bold and sexy, and it is very different from other cars in the market.

Personally, I was sold as soon as I heard it had a movie projector built right in- guess I’m easy to please. As a concept car, this might never see reality, but it’s still a really impressive looking electric auto. What do you think of the Smart Forstars? Intrigued or not?

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