iPhone 5 Preorders Total 2 Million in Just 24 Hours

iPhone 5 Preorders Total 2 Million in Just 24 Hours


How well did the iPhone 5 announcement go? Some users out there on the web have complained that it might not be as hardware-capable as many of the high-end Android devices out there, but is that going to slow down its success?

Apparently not. It might not be quad-core, it might not have NFC. What iPhone 5 does have is great software and, even more importantly, great marketing and hype generating from the folks at Apple. In just 24 hours, iPhone 5 has had 2 million preorders. This doubles the record set by the iPhone 4S.

For the one or two of you that haven’t been paying attention, the iPhone is quite a substantial upgrade from the 4S. Yes, it’s not the most powerful smartphone around, but it’s still a worthwhile upgrade- especially for those that skipped the 4S and are coming from the older iPhone 4 or even the few of you who have hung on to the iPhone 3GS.

What’s so ‘substantial’ about the iPhone 5? It’s much faster, for starters. Then there’s the taller screen and its extra set of icons as a result. It also utilizes a new port that is faster and in many ways an improvement over the older 30-pin iPod port.

The body construction is also quite a bit different from previous versions. Have a need for speed? The fact that the iPhone 5 does 4G LTE is probably enough of a compelling reason for those that want ultra-quick Internet.

The iPhone isn’t for everyone, but Apple fans will likely not be dissapointed. Have you preordered? If not, are you still considering whether you want to or not?

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