First 3rd party Lightning Adapters Surface

First 3rd party Lightning Adapters Surface


It was only a matter of time before the first 3rd party Lightning adapters showed up for use in the new iPod Nano, Touch and iPhone 5. The new 9-pin adapters feature a 20cm cord and have a looks a little different from the official Apple adapter.

The 3rd party adapter is called Nanotch and is priced at $18. Is that too much for an adapter? While I personally feel it should have been much cheaper, considering the massive need for this adapter to make older accessories work- it’s actually a really great price when compared to the official adapter.

How much is Apple’s version selling for, you ask? A whopping $39. This means that you can get two Nanotch adapters for the price of one of Apple’s adapters.

Do you plan on getting the iPhone 5? Will you start over with new accessories or load up on adapters instead? Personally, if you don’t have too terribly much invested in the older accessories, it might be the right time to unload them on a site like Ebay and start over again.

These 9-to-30 pin adapters won’t work with all accessories and may look a little unsightly with others, after all. What about you? Going the adapter route? If so, the Nanotch adapter is really one of the most affordable ways to do it.

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