Nikon J1 Digital Camera with Kit Lens for $200 Off

Nikon J1 Digital Camera with Kit Lens for $200 Off


I’m a big fan of these mirrorless camera systems, owning an Olympus E-PL1 micro four-thirds camera myself. They almost give you DSLR-like image quality and control without the bulk of a traditional digital SLR. And Nikon’s system happens to be on sale. The Nikon J1 10.1MP digital camera with the 10-30mm kit lens has gone on sale for $202.05 off the regular price. That brings the kit price down to just $446.95. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

The Nikon J1 is a part of their relatively new 1 Series of compact interchangeable lens cameras. With this system, you get a 10MP sensor, some of the world’s fastest autofocus, and the ability to simultaneously capture stills while recording full 1080p HD video. That comes in really handy for a lot of situations, since sometimes you want the video and the photo. Now, you don’t have to choose.

Even though you get some DSLR-like image quality, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to deal with the complexities that go along with that. The Nikon J1 is relatively simpler, targeting the point-and-shoot crowd while giving them more power and more options. The 73 point AF array ensures everything stays in focus, for example. There’s also something called the Smart Photo Selector that lets you take multiple photos and “get the best of what you see.”

The Nikon J1 is on sale on Amazon. The kit with the 10-30mm lens can be had for just $446.95. If you upgrade the kit to also include the 30-110mm telephoto lens, that brings the price up to $596.95, which is $302.05 off that regular list price. And, as always, free shipping is included.