Official: iPhone 5 Killed the 3GS

Official: iPhone 5 Killed the 3GS


Well, this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. With the official announcement and unveiling of the brand new iPhone 5, something had to be done to trim the fat and keep growing those profits. And thus, Apple has now officially discontinued the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 3GS was first unleashed onto the mobile world in June 2009 and while it was only a marginal improvement over the iPhone 3G that it replaced, it was noticeably faster and more responsive. Even so, it’s a little funny looking back at those specs today. A single core 600MHz processor? Just a 3MP camera? A mere 320×480 pixel resolution? Yeah, that just won’t cut it these days.

When the iPhone 4S entered the fray last year, the 3GS became the free entry-level option and the iPhone 4 became the mid-tier option. With the iPhone 5 prepped and ready to headline the show starting next week, the iPhone 4S gets bumped to the mid-tier and the iPhone 4 is now the free-with-contract entry-level smartphone from Apple. The interesting thing is I hear iOS6 will be supported by the 3GS, so it’s not like the team in Cupertino has completely abandoned you.

Goodbye, iPhone 3GS. You had a pretty good run there. Now Apple can continue coasting as we await the inevitable arrival of the iPhone 5S next year.