Can a Robot pass a College Exam? Fujitsu Bets it Can

Can a Robot pass a College Exam? Fujitsu Bets it Can


When it comes to entrance exams, few are considered more difficult than the exam presented by Tokyo University. This is why scientists have decided to come together and see how hard the test really is by bringing in a unique student to take the exam- a robot.

Fujitsu hopes to create a robot that can easily pass the exam, pushing A.I. Intelligence as far as possible along the way. Fujitsu is teaming up with Japan’s National Institute of Informatics to develop this super-intelligent robot.

NII has already been working on an artificial brain that can score good grades on a test, for a whole year in fact. NII and Fujitsu hope to have the robot ready to take the test by 2021. That gives them ten years to do develop such an advanced system.

It’s not just about creating a ‘smart computer’, it’s about creating a robot that can analyze the test and use real problem solving skills based on high school-level mathematics. It means creating a robot that thinks less like a computer and more like a human.

The robot in works is already able to solve up to 60% of the math questions on a general nationwide entrance exam. That’s not a good grade by any means, but it’s a good start.

Thinking this over, things are about to get scary in a hurry. We have robots that control part of our food supply, our communications testing and now they can even get into college? So it begins..

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