Apple’s Online Store Pushes Back iPhone 5 Shipment Dates

Apple’s Online Store Pushes Back iPhone 5 Shipment Dates


In the past Apple has had problems with shortages when launching new iPhone devices, and it seems that the iPhone 5 might not be any different. Apple already added the iPhone 5, new iPods and tons of accessories to its online store but sthedates for shipping have begun to slip.

By how much exactly? About 2-3 weeks for many accessories and a bit over a week for the iPhone 5 itself. This includes Apple’s new adapter for its lightning port, which has totally sold out. Considering the necessity of the adapter for using older accessories, it’s pretty unwise of Apple to have not made enough. Actually, it’s kinda brilliant.

Apple can claim they just didn’t properly anticipate the amount that would be purchased (which may be true) and impatient types will likely just buy new docks and accessories rather than wait a good month or more to get the adapter. Okay, so it probably wasn’t intentional, but it could result in more people ditching their accessories for the lightning standard instead of purchasing a handful of adapters.

While the store’s shipping dates are slipping, it’s interesting to note that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are all still advertising the iPhone 5 as hitting on 9/21. Perhaps they already have a limited supply secured?

Have you already preordered the iPhone 5? If not, are you waiting until the hoopla dies down, or are you simply not interested in Apple’s smartphone offerings?

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