Motorola Targets Chinese Market with new Android-based Cloud Desktop

Motorola Targets Chinese Market with new Android-based Cloud Desktop


When you think of desktop computing, Motorola is probably one of the last brands that come to mind. Motorola is one of the kings of the Android smartphone and tablet world, right? While that’s true, it’s not stopping Google and Motorola from bringing out a new Android-powered desktop solution.

The new CloudBB is specifically targeted at the Chinese market and is described as a “home entertainment terminal”. As you can probably guess, this is a cloud computing device design to replace a PC.

While not much is known about the ‘under the hood’ aspects, we do know it has an 18.5-inch touchscreen. Prefer keyboard and mouse? Motorola has you covered by including a wireless set for your typing and clicking needs.

At the moment, Motorola seems to have no ambitions beyond the Chinese market. Would there be a market in the US, Canada and Europe for such a device? Maybe, it’s hard to call. Google’s cloud-based ChromeBox hasn’t exactly been received with open arms yet in the desktop market yet, but perhaps the Android-basis of the device would make it more appealing?

China Digital TV Media Group will be teaming up with Motorola to bring on-demand video, games and apps, and other cloud entertainment options to the desktop terminal. At the moment, China Digital has over 13 million customers, so there is a pretty big target here. How many would be interested in this thing? Again, hard to call.

Pricing will likely be key. Unfortunately, there is no official word on pricing and release dates for the CloudBB yet.

Would you ever consider an Android touch-desktop as a worthwhile replacement for a desktop?

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