Official Announcement: Introducing the iPhone 5

Official Announcement: Introducing the iPhone 5


The Apple iPhone 5 is finally here, and yes, that’s the official name for the sixth-generation iPhone. Many of the rumors, such as larger screen, have now proved to be quite accurate it seems. The new phone is taller, has a new connector, a faster processor and LTE abilities. It looks rather impressive and is a major jump up from the existing iPhone 4S.

Here’s a quick run-down of the specs and new features, at least as far as we currently know:

  • New A6 Processor: 2x faster CPU and 2x graphics from A5
  • 18 percent thinner than 4S
  • 112 grams and 7.6mm
  • 20 percent lighter
  • 1136×640 resolution
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 44 percent more color saturation
  • LTE
  • Wi-Fi (2.4ghz and 5ghz on 802.11n)
  • 44% better color saturation, full sRGB rendering
  • new battery allows 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk, 10 hours wifi browsing
  • Camera: 8MP sensor, 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture
  • new dynamic light mode
  • New Shared Photo Streams- allows you to share photos with family/friends
  • Panorama is official, creates 28 MP resulting image or so it claims
  • Front camera is backside illuminated and does 720p
  • FaceTime now allowed over cellular networks
  • Three microphones in the iPhone 5, allows better voice recognition and noise reduction.
  • New dock connector called “Lightning”, reversible and 80% smaller
  • Adapters for older accessories will exist.
  • The new iPhone 5 will be powered by iOS 6
  • Older apps that don’t support new rez will use black boxes to center them.

There it is folks, the new brand new iPhone 5. Is it everything you’d hope it would be, as far as upgraded power is concerned? It might not be the ‘most powerful’ smartphone on the market, but it is a considerable upgrade from the 4S.

Where there any features you were hoping for that seem left out? The iPhone 5 will launch on September 21st in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

As for pricing? The iPhone 5 will cost $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32 and $399 for 64GB. For those looking for a bargain priced iPhone, the 4S will now cost just $99 with a two year contract. Want an even better price? The iPhone 4 can be yours for free with a two year contract.