What We Know About the Apple iPhone 5

What We Know About the Apple iPhone 5


Remember how the iPhone 4 first was found in some bar and made its way to the Internet from there? Even though it wasn’t left behind at some bar (or was it?), we already (think we) know quite a bit about the new iPhone that’s going to be announced later this week.

There has been a lot of leaked information and there’s a good chance that most of it is bang-on. In fact, some people are saying that this is one of Apple’s worst-kept secrets of all-time.

For starters, it’s pretty well for certain that the iPhone 5 will have a larger display and it will most likely be the 3.9-incher that has everyone talking. It’ll be about the same width as the current 3.5-inch display, but it’ll be a little taller. This makes for a different aspect ratio, so app developers will have something new to contend with, but it also means that you’ll likely be able to fit another row of apps on your home screen.

Going through the rest of the specs, we’re expecting the smaller 9-pin dock connector, a thinner profile thanks to new display technology, better battery life, and finally the inclusion of 4G LTE like the newest iPad.

The new iPhone 5 will also come with the new iOS6 out of the box. There are improvements to Siri, heavier Facebook integration, Safari tweaks, an alternative to YouTube for video watching, a redesigned App Store, and more on the Passport e-wallet application.