GoDaddy Under Attack, Millions of Sites Potentially Affected

GoDaddy Under Attack, Millions of Sites Potentially Affected


Today could potentially be a frustrating day for many small business owners, web viewers and those who spend time on any site that is connected with GoDaddy. If you haven’t heard the news yet, the domain registrar and Web hosting company is down.

The issues at GoDaddy today have led to temporary unavailability for well over a million websites in the process. GoDaddy’s main site is up, but many of the companies that use it for hosting are experiencing problems related to an attack on the registrar.

GoDaddy says they are well aware of the problem and are working for a fix. Meanwhile, a hacker known as “Anonymous” has claimed responsibility for the attack that is plaguing many websites connected to GoDaddy. GoDaddy email is also not working right, at the moment.

How long are things going to be down? Hard to say. It could be a few more hours, it could be all day.

Is this attack on GoDaddy affecting you or a website you own, love or work for?

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