Logitech Debuts White iPad Keyboard Cover

Logitech Debuts White iPad Keyboard Cover


There are several different keyboards for the iPad out there. Some of these are full dock solutions that turn your iPad into a laptop. Some are just basic keyboards that sit next to your laptop. Keyboard covers are something in-between. They allow you to set your iPad within them for easy typing but they are a fully-hinged laptop-style keyboard either.

One new cover solution is the Ultrathin Keyboard cover from Logitech. Except it’s not all that new- they already had a black version and now are simply giving us the white model too. For those who don’t know much about Logitech’s iPad keyboard covers, they are designed to provide up to six months of go-time based on two hours of usage each day.

How much will the new white model set you back? Preorders begin from Logitech’s site today for just $100. Logitech is a quality accessory maker and it’s hard to go wrong with one of their accessories.

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