Video: Special Glove Gives You Robotic Sixth Finger

Video: Special Glove Gives You Robotic Sixth Finger


Apparently, the next step in robotic-assisted human evolution is to add an extra finger to our hands. That’s what San Francisco University student “Frenzy” did with his special glove. Have you ever wanted to have a finger beyond your pinky?

Also a member of Instructables, “Frenzy” calls his project “Primitive Transhumanism #2: Sixth Finger.” In effect, you get a robotic glove where there is an extra finger to the left hand. The “purpose is left ambiguous on purpose,” says Frenzy, “to engage the viewer on what these sorts of transformations can mean for the body. I encourage viewers of the piece to imagine a world where a primitive transhumanism could be advantageous.”

Yes, the project is a little on the ugly side at the moment with wires and circuitry everywhere, but you can see how this could be potentially cleaned up for some sort of commercial application. It uses an EMG Sensor from Advancer Technologies, which really lets you control that robotic sixth finger as if it were your own. As this kind of innovation continues, it may not be long before we can add even more complex appendages. Doctor Octopus, anyone?