Firefox Marketplace Finally Leaked, Utilizes Minimalistic Approach

Firefox Marketplace Finally Leaked, Utilizes Minimalistic Approach


Google’s Android is starting to get caught up in legal battles against Apple. Many feel Apple is too bossy, pushy and is too locked down with iOS. There is a lot of people on both sides, here. Some say Apple is evil, some say Android (and Samsung) are reaping what they sow.

Many are in the middle and aren’t taking sides. While Android and iOS might not be in an immediate danger when it comes to their solid position in the mobile market, now is probably the best time to prepare an alternative to both iOS and Android. None of the alternatives will likely kick Android or iOS off their perspective thrones, but they could still a little bit of their thunder- and customers.

Sure, there will be readers that say “Nah, I still stick by Android”, and some who say the same about Apple. But there will be those that are just buying whatever phone looks coolest. Some of these people are also sick of the drama between Apple, Samsung and, to a lesser extent, Google.

This is probably why any news about Windows Phone 8 devices have been met with a lot of views and comments. People aren’t necessarily sold on switching to another platform but they are curious. Windows Phone 8 and the upcoming BB10 might be getting most of the attention when it comes to alternative OSes, but they aren’t the only upcoming player.

Mozilla is preparing to launch its own mobile platform, FireFox OS in 2013. We’ve already seen some pictures from nightly test builds, but we have little information about the look or feel of the app store- until now.

The pictures above paint a very similar store that is designed to get in-and-out as quick as possible. It’s not super detailed, but it has a minimalist charm to it. Is this how the store will actually look when we finally see Firefox OS land on smartphone hardware? It’s hard to say for sure. The release is still a half year or more away, that’s plenty of time for it to change.

What do you think of the “Firefox Marketplace”, based on the limited screenshots you see here? Like the look, or not?

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