App Review: Vintique – iOS

App Review: Vintique – iOS


With the huge growth of Instagram in the past months, there have been plenty of different photo editing apps to give you the best filters, Vintique is one of them, and one of the best we’ve seen so far.

Even though you may question why you would want a photo editing device when Instagram offers basic filters, if you enjoy playing around with your images and making them perfect, Vintique is the app for you.


Editing Features

There are quite a few editing features on Vintique – more than enough for the average Instagram user that is satisfied with one-touch filter.

There are about thirty different filters you can use to make your image different, from the really subtle to the eccentric.

After filter changes, there are many different editing tools to make your image look different – you can also take your pick out of what you want from the filter, for example, if it was blue tint, you can choose to take the tint off.

There are high amounts of blur, fade and different ways to change your image.

The one problem we found with most filters were they weren’t very nice, they made the image look worse than the original.


Getting your way around the app is quite simple, Vintique has done a great job at keeping the app in one area, instead of branching out to many different pages.

There aren’t really any degrading tools that make your app run slower.

The experience on the app was one of freedom to do whatever you want and simplicity, two things you want in photo editing.



Sharing means a great deal to some people and having a good deal of social networks linked is always a plus.

Vintique has Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share, the free main ones. It would be nice if they added to this list a bit. Hipstamatic and other photo sharing apps would be good options.

Sharing is an easy experience, as we expected from Vintique.


  • Tons of editing features
  • Basic design for novice users
  • Fast sharing with Instagram


  • Many filters look awful
  • Could have more sharing links

Vintique – Overall

The app is good if you are ever looking to add more than just one filter or one feature to your Instagram image. If you are into photo editing or want to start, this is a good app to test your skills too.

Pick it up on iOS today.