The iPhone 5 has Fallen into the Hands of a Chinese Popstar,...

The iPhone 5 has Fallen into the Hands of a Chinese Popstar, or So He Claims


A Chinese pop star by the name of Jimmy Lin has just attracted over 100,000 comments in only a matter of a few hours. His post was through the popular site, Sina Weibo- which is sort of like the Chinese version of Facebook and Twitter combined.

What was the post that is generating so many comments and large amounts of buzz? The Chinese pop star claims to have in his possession an iPhone 5. You might wonder how a Chinese pop star would get his hands on the iPhone 5, well before its release.

There are several possibilities. One reason could be that Apple planted the iPhone 5 leak to Jimmy Lin in order to generate more excitement for Apple products, in a world that is dominated by Android. This is probably not that likely, but China is a big enough market that I suppose it’s possible.

The second possibility, and the more likely one, is that someone managed to smuggle him a device off the assembly line. The iPhone is pretty much fully put together in China and with Jimmy Lin being so famous, it wouldn’t be that surprising if a fan at Foxconn (or elsewhere) managed to nab him one.

The third possibility is that what he has is a forgery, a fake and nothing more. This is also possible.

According to Jimmy Lin, the device in his hands has a longer screen, an aluminum back and a smaller 19-pin connector. The singer also says that the jack has moved to the bottom of the iPhone. Weight wise, it feels about the same in your hands.

This all fits within the existing rumors that we’ve heard about. This doesn’t mean its legit though, it just means, at the very least, Jimmy Lin paid attention to the rumors out there.

What do you think, legit or just a way to generate more excitement and publicity for Jimmy Lin?

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