New Windows Phone Device Leaked, HTC 8x

New Windows Phone Device Leaked, HTC 8x


HTC might not be doing nearly as well as it used to, but that hasn’t stopped it from producing new products. First there was a rumor of a new HTC tablet, now it looks like a Windows Phone 8 device is in the works from the company.

The new phone is rumored to go by the name HTC 8x. What do we actually know about it? The HTC 8X will have WP8, an 8MP camera, NFC, microSD and a 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display. Beyond that? We don’t honestly know much else about the new phone.

Based on the mock-picture, the new phone also looks to have a notification LED and seems to have a look that clearly fits with other Windows Phone devices. From the curves of the smartphones to the software, you have to admit that MS certainly does things differently.

While Android devices, especially those from Samsung, constantly get flack for being “too much like Apple”- you don’t have to worry about that with WP8 products. Love them or hate them, Windows Phone devices clearly have gone down their own path.

What do you think, would you buy an HTC WP8 smartphone? Or are you more interested in a Nokia or Samsung offering?

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