App Review: Echofon for Twitter

App Review: Echofon for Twitter


Echofon is  a Twitter utility that makes things simple and basic, and that is not a bad thing. Those qualities are exactly what has kept me loyal to Echofon since I purchased my iPhone. It does not have Facebook integration, nor does it get fancy with too many ways to customize. With a sleek design, Echofon sticks to what Twitter does best.

The app was released by naan studios, Inc. who have made it free in its current 5.2.3 version. However, you can upgrade to the “Pro” version for $4.99 to remove advertisements at the top of the app. To me, the ads are not intrusive; I never had a need remove them.

Echofon achieves near perfection in every area of Twitter. It offers shortcuts to compose and jump to the most recent tweet, view and edit Lists, read mentions in conversation mode, read Direct Messages, and Search for tweets, trending topics or users and gives you the option of which image service to upload pictures to. You can even change your profile on the fly or add additional accounts.

The most convenient features of Echofon for Twitter are picture previews in the timeline, being able to connect to a link from the timeline and viewing mentions in conversation mode. Viewing in conversation mode makes it appear as if you are texting with another user.


  • The app has a simple, yet sleek design. You can understand how it works after just at a glance, but it is not hard on the eyes either.
  • The customization options are just enough. Echofon does not over complicate the customization with giving you too many choices, but it gives exactly what is needed.
  • It is easy to use. This ties into the simplicity of the app. You do not need instructions to know how to use it.


  • The only part of the app that is hard to understand is knowing what the shortcuts are. I had to do a search to find out about the shortcut to jump to the most recent tweet (which is to tap the status bar), because scrolling through hundreds of tweets every morning was not my cup of tea.
  • “Failed to load Direct Messages” error is a constant problem. While this error is not really an error, receiving the message itself is the error, it is still bothersome to receive it when entering the app. It does not always occur, but it is enough to be noticeable.
  • Pricey “Pro” upgrade. While removing ads is nice, the $4.99 price tag seems a bit hefty. It would be more fair if it was a few dollars lower so more people could support the developer.

Overall, I can highly recommend Echofon for any iPhone owner that is glued to Twitter 24/7. It posts and updates quickly and gives you the options you need without making it too complicated. The flaws are minor and can easily be addressed by naan Studios. Otherwise, it is a close to perfect Twitter app.

Download Echofon on iTunes here.