3M Screen Protectors Fade Your Fingerprints Away

3M Screen Protectors Fade Your Fingerprints Away


As much as we like our devices with touchscreens, they come with the necessary evil of being massive fingerprint magnets. Then again, with 3M’s new screen protectors, that evil may no longer be all that necessary. The “Natural View Fingerprint Fading” screen protectors don’t look all that different from other screen protectors and they are applied the same way, but they use some sort of technology that makes your fingerprint smudges disappear.

This is good for a couple of reasons. The more obvious is that your viewing experience will no longer be obstructed by all your greasy fingerprints, so you don’t need to whip out that buffing cloth every few minutes. The second is that it might be good for touchscreen security passwords, especially when it comes to the “pattern” lockscreen on Android devices. It ain’t perfect, but it’s something.

To be fair, 3M isn’t saying that these screen protectors prevent fingerprint smudges completely. Instead, as the name implies, the fingerprints fade away on their own over time, so you may still see more a few smudges. In any case, the scratch-resistant screen protectors retail for $24.95 and should ship in a number of sizes.