Apple Genius Internal Training Manual Leaked

Apple Genius Internal Training Manual Leaked


I remember reading somewhere that Apple makes more money per employee in one of its Apple Stores than any other retail business. Part of the reason for that is the stringent hiring process, but perhaps more importantly is the intense training process. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to earn the title of “Apple Genius,” you don’t have to wonder much longer; the internal training manual has been leaked onto the Internet.

The training manual has been posted on Gizmodo and it goes through some the different sections of the internal training. For example, employees are taught to never apologize for the faults of the hardware, rather directing the customer toward how an issue can be fixed. Your iPad or iPhone didn’t “crash.” Instead, it “stopped responding.”

Apple Geniuses in the making are told that they should “guide every interaction” and “strive to inspire.” They “enrich” the lives of their customers by taking “personal initiative to make it right.” The theme of empathy is pervasive through the manual, providing plenty of examples of how a Genius should respond to a customer’s problems. “I may know how you feel” and “I can see how you’d feel that way.” Or, “I felt the same way too unless I tried it for myself.” They’re also told not to correct the customer, but rather to “surprise” them with the great Apple features, starting a sentence with “as it turns out.”

It’s a fascinating read into the culture of being an Apple employee. It can feel a little cult-ish, but you can see why Apple can be so darn profitable while paying employees comparatively low wages for the kind of cash they’re bringing in.