Video: Samsung Tells “Meaningful Design Story” Behind Galaxy S III

Video: Samsung Tells “Meaningful Design Story” Behind Galaxy S III


“The main design concept was to reflect nature. We wanted a more emotional, and stronger connection with our customers.”

That’s how Samsung engineers and designers describe how they eventually got the final product that we call the Samsung Galaxy S III. The SGS was built around the design framework of “Minimal Organic,” and they say that they wanted the phone to feel like you’re having a pleasant, calming stroll through the woods. It’s also very clear that they borrowed a lot of inspiration from water, as evidenced by the water droplet home screen and the pervasive “liquid” sound effects throughout the TouchWiz UI.

But even in terms of physical design, they say they were inspired by nature. They saw the rocks in the river and then they “spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to capture the flow of water and the reflection of the light into the design of the phone.” If you look at the battery cover on the back, for instance, you’ll notice that it reflects and has these fine grooves in it. “We used three layers of coating on top of the polycarbonate base. And then, a total of five layers of multi-coating were applied to the surface. So even the slightest change in angle creates a reflection that accentuates the graceful design.”

It’s clear that Samsung is very proud of the SGS3 and they should be. They’ve sold over ten million units to date and counting, making it the most successful Samsung smartphone of all-time. Watch the video below to see just how proud they are and how they got to where they got. I wonder if Apple has a patent on these kinds of videos.