Netatmo Urban Weather Station for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Netatmo Urban Weather Station for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Yes, I suppose you could rely on meteorologists to give you a weather report, but they’re not taking readings outside of your house and they certainly aren’t giving you real-time data about the inside of your house. For that, you want to have a personal weather station and the very first made for the iPhone is the Urban Weather Station from the fine folks at Netatmo.

This device has been designed specifically to work with iDevices like the iPhone and iPad, giving you accurate real-time readings on everything from temperature and humidity, to CO2 levels and air pressure. There are two little towers–one for outdoor and one for indoor–and both of these can connect to a Wi-Fi network that can then relay the information through to the Netatmo app on your iDevice.

This is particularly useful, for instance, if you’re away from home and you want to keep monitoring the air quality in your home. This lets “users improve their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities,” says Netatmo CEO Fred Potter, “creating a better way of life for everyone.” For instance, you can get automatic alerts if the CO2 concentration in your home exceeds a certain threshold. The Urban Weather Station comes with a free lifetime account, giving you a place to save and review all your station measurements and data.

You can pick up the Netatmo Urban Weather Station directly from the Netatmo website for $179. The accompanying iOS app is a free download from the App Store.