Pandora for Android Gets A Makeover

Pandora for Android Gets A Makeover


I don’t know about you, but as a writer, there are a few essential apps that I make use of on a regular basis. One of them is Microsoft Word. The other two most-used programs on my computer, or phone for that matter, are Pandora and Spotify.

I like Spotify when I have specific songs in mind I want to play, but what if you want new and unique songs based on your current favorite artists and styles? That’s what makes Pandora so great. I probably don’t need to go into a ton of details about Pandora- most of you reading this will know what it is. What’s important though is that Pandora for Android just got an update to version 1.7. This change brings plenty of great new changes to the app.

The new Pandora for Android update has a HTML5 app experience that is much more attractive and easy to navigate than the previous version. What else is new? Pandora is introducing what it calls interactivity features to the app. This means that you can now access your song history in order to review, rate or even bookmark songs you’ve played in the past. The Android app even has an exclusive feature, though iOS will eventually get it, and that’s the new encyclopedia-inspired exploration systme that accesses song lyrics, artist information and info about artists like the one you are looking up.

You can check out the latest Pandora update for yourself through Google Play.

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