New Patent Suggests Google Wants To Make Minority Report Gloves A Reality

New Patent Suggests Google Wants To Make Minority Report Gloves A Reality


Google has come along way from just being a search engine. Its own robust mobile OS, tons of cloud-based programs, and special projects like Project Glass. They aren’t stopping there though, a new patent has arrived that would allow for input via a set of gloves.

I know, you’re already thinking about Minority Report, aren’t you? More than likely some of the inspiration for the patent does come from that particular movie I’d wager. The idea of the glove in this patent is a to create a wearable device that has cameras on the fingertips, gyroscopes, a compass, accelerometer, motion sensors, CPU, memory and the whole ten yards. The smart glove isn’t meant to be a computer in and of itself though, instead its a sensing device that can interact with other things like an AR interface or even other Google technologies Project Glass. Imagine seeing with Project Glass and interacting with the seen displays via Google Gloves.

At the moment, this is a really cool idea, but for the moment there is no actual project or product attached to the patent- at least not publicly. The only problem I see is that there are too many components involved if you have to wear gloves, possibly glasses and other components. I think the glove computing like Minority Report might happen, but ultimately gloves will get replaced hopefully with something even smaller and unnoticeable.

What do you think about the idea of Google Gloves? Just a patent filed for basic experimenting or could we see it in a product in the near future?

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