GoNote Merges Touch, Android, and a Laptop into One Package

GoNote Merges Touch, Android, and a Laptop into One Package


When you think of Android, what comes to mind? Most likely smartphones or tablets, right? While that makes sense, Android has found its way into much more than that. This includes media players, cameras, and now even a touch-laptop.

The new GoNote has arrived, merging Android ICS, a netbook, and touch technology all under one roof. The device is actually aimed at the UK educational market, designed to help students by giving them a laptop device for homework and education. Despite the goal of education, the GoNote isn’t at all limited to education. Actually, the whole Google Play store is on this thing, so that means you can essentially use any app you want- whether that’s a bunch of educational apps or nothing but Angry Birds.

The hardware in the device is far from cutting edge, though it can handle most basic tasks with its 1.2GHz ARM RK2918 processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB onboard storage, MicroSD, 1024×600 resolution, LED backlit screen, and built-in WIFI. The GoNote also includes Kingsoft Office, which offers students a way to type out documents compatible with MS Office, and is powered by Android 4.0 ICS.

The touch-laptop by Ergo Electronics isn’t going to blow anyone away, but at £149.99 (about $237 U.S. Dollars) it’s not too horribly priced for what you get. For now, the GoNote seems to be targeting a limited release only in the UK, again squarely aimed at students. Could this change? Hard to say. Honestly, if it could fold back into a true tablet and still maintain a sub-$200 price point it could really have potential outside of the edu-market- unfortunately it doesn’t.

What do you think of this unique touch laptop device?

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