What Could Make A Yacht Even Better? How About A Giant Slide

What Could Make A Yacht Even Better? How About A Giant Slide


Being aboard a yacht is great and all, but sometimes don’t you just feel like something is missing? Eating caviar and drinking fine wine is great and all, but wouldn’t you rather have a giant inflatable slide to ride on?

Okay, so most us have no clue what it even feels like to be on a yacht, but I can guarantee you that a giant slide would make a good experience even better, right? That’s what Freestyle Cruiser PVC believes, and that’s why they crafted a 45 degree water slide, designed specifically for the SuperYacht. Honestly, this thing looks really cool, really fun, and very expensive.

The Freestyle Cruiser slides comes in two general styles, one with no leg support for hanging off decks five meters high or shorter. The other has leg support that lets it work with decks well over five meters in height. Both models come with electric pumps that can inflate or deflate the slide in about twenty minutes or so. The slides are made of 28-ounce Firmatex-reinforced PVC panels that are sewn and glued together to meet US, EU and Australian standards for inflatables. Right now the pricing hasn’t been revealed, but if you really need to know the pricing, odds are you don’t own a yacht like this either.

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