Stop Mowing Your Yard, Let Honda MiiMo do it for You

Stop Mowing Your Yard, Let Honda MiiMo do it for You


While the U.S. Market hasn’t exactly embraced the idea of robotic lawn mowers yet, the European market has seen extraordinary growth and demand for such a device. While there are quite a few good robot mowers out there already, Honda wishes to join into the competition with its Honda Miimo.

This will be Honda’s first commercial robot product for average consumers and will feature a continuous cutting system that can mow 2-3mm of grass at time, several times each week. This means your grass is ‘always’ being cut, in sections, so that means less stress on the grass and healthier growth. It will also reduce moss and weeds, or so Honda claims. The robotic Honda Miimo navigates through a yard using timers, controls and a real-time sensory feedback system. Like many other robotic mowers, it does require a boundary wire installed under the ground to work, though.

The Honda Miimo isn’t too terribly different from other grass-cutting robots out there, but one feature that is unique to its device a fan that is built into the blade holder. This creates better airflow to suck the grass towards the blade. The device also makes use of three blades which bend on impact with hard objects, instead of shattering or chipping. This means you don’t have to worry about broken blades around the yard, either.

For the moment, there is no official pricing on this thing, and looks like it will be limited to the European market- at least for now. The Miimo will be manufactured by Honda France Manufacturing in Orlean and will start shipping to Authorized Honda Dealers in Europe in early 2013.

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