Motorola S10 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Half Price

Motorola S10 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Half Price


When you’re going for a jog through the park, you don’t want to deal with messy wires and cables to keep the tunes pumping into your skull. You also want to maintain a certain sporty look, so giant headphones just won’t do. And that’s why you may want to take a look at the sporty-inspired Motorola S10 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. And they just happen to be selling for 47% off the regular price.

The Motorola S10 features a behind-the-head design that eliminates any sort of tangles, while simultaneously providing you with a fit that will be comfortable for the longest of listening sessions. It is a wireless Bluetooth system, so it will pair up with any compatible Bluetooth device, like your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player. Because it is meant mostly for sporty types, it’s also good to see that the Motorola S10 has hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals, along with encased speakers. This keeps your sweat off the active components and extends the life of the headphones.

Even though it has that behind-the-head design, the Motorola S10 can still be used as a Bluetooth headset. There is a built-in microphone in there, so you can still take calls through your phone without having to whip it out. Battery life is rated at up to 9 hours of talk, 8 hours of music, or 240 hours of standby.

Find it in on sale on Amazon for $48.00, which is $41.99 off the regular price of $89.99. And, as usual, that includes the free super saver shipping to boot.