Check This Out, Firefox OS Running On Raspberry Pi

Check This Out, Firefox OS Running On Raspberry Pi


With the Raspberry Pi, $35 has never bought you so much flexibility. It’s a Linux file or media server, it’s an Android device, it’s a Linux media player- it’s whatever you want it to be. The newest OS to make its way to the $35 mini-PC motherboard is Mozilla’s Firefox OS. For those that don’t know, Firefox OS is an HTML5 and “open web”-tech OS that is designed by Mozilla and will be targeted towards entry-level smartphones starting in 2013.

While Firefox on a smartphone is still a little ways away, the nightly builds for testers have been available for a while now. One enterprising Pi user, Oleg Romashin, has managed to get one of these builds up and running on his Pi. As you can see in the video below, it is working but Firefox OS clearly isn’t designed for a bigger screen and really doesn’t look nearly as attractive as it does in the screenshot image above.

Own the Raspberry Pi and want to try it out for yourself? Oleg Romashin has offered up the Pi-friendly Firefox OS build on his website for others to mess around with. As Keep in mind that this is an early test build and isn’t really suited for anything more than messing around and seeing Firefox OS with your own eyes. Then again, most uses of the Raspberry Pi are just for experimenting and playing around.