Sony Playstation’s Youtube App now allows you to control it with your...

Sony Playstation’s Youtube App now allows you to control it with your Smartphone


Do you enjoy watching videos on Youtube through your smartphone? If you wish you could easily share this videos on the big-screen quickly, Sony has exactly what you are looking for, if you happen to be an owner of a PlayStation 3 in North America. The new YouTube app for Playstation is free from the PS Store and adds quite a few unique changes.

The new Youtube experience has a better search system, is designed to work great with the big screen, and even allows you to sign in to find the latest videos from existing YouTube subscriptions you might have. HD and official music videos are included in all that the new version has to offer.

The most impressive feature has to do with using your phone to control YouTube though. With the new connectivity, you can find a video you like on the little screen and quickly push it over to your PS3 for big-screen viewing. While viewing the video, you can pause or change it right from your smartphone. Microsoft has also expressed interest in pairing the Xbox 360 with tablets and smartphones. The Nintendo Wii U makes use of its own screen-based controller. The era of smartphone and tablets as controllers in the living room has clearly arrived.

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