Printing Becomes Fun Again, Thanks to the Little Printer

Printing Becomes Fun Again, Thanks to the Little Printer


Can printers be sexy and fun? Generally I’d say no, but that was before I knew about the Little Printer. This unique printer is the brain-child of London-based Berg Cloud, and aims to making printing a lot more fun. The Little Printer isn’t decided for large sized printing jobs, instead it is designed for producing information that you read daily into a hard copy. Essentially, the Little Printer creates a small newspaper for your reading pleasure, getting its information through a smartphone app that allows you to subscribe to different places like Google and the Guardian for your information. The print out will then include things like horoscopes, upcoming birthdays, and other information you’d actually want to read. The app itself works for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

The idea itself is both fresh and unique, and is on its way within in the next 2 months or so, according to Berg. How big is this thing? Its about 3.3-inches wide and fits comfortably just about anywhere. The device itself works with an Ethernet cable or via WIFI for printing. Does the Little Printer sound like something you’d really enjoy? Preorders begin now for just $259 plus shipping. While a traditional printer might only cost a fraction of that price, the uniqueness of this device might make it worth it for those that like reading their information on actual paper, instead of just on-screen.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.