The World’s First NFC Keyboard is Here

The World’s First NFC Keyboard is Here


NFC technology has quickly become commonplace among many smartphones out there. For the most part, NFC has been used for things like mobile payments, though a few unique uses exist out there. Now comes probably one of the strangest yet coolest uses for NFC ever, quick connecting to a keyboard. The new keyboard is the world’s first NFC keyboard and is made by Japanese electronics firm, Elecom. For those that really can’t be bothered to setup Bluetooth (which takes only seconds), this is a quick and easy way to start typing right away.

The keyboard is designed in collaboration with Norwegian firm One2Touch. Besides the wide space where the phone is set, this thing actually looks quite a bit like a standard keyboard. This keyboard is designed to be folded away into a small carrying case thanks to its silicone design, and is very small at 34cm. The NFC keyboard is designed to continuously work for 18 months in a row, factoring in about eight hours of use a day, without need for recharging. This is pretty impressive until you realize that there is no way to recharge this thing, so once it dies, it’s dead for good. At a $150+ price point, this is a pretty expensive item to replace, even if you only need to do it every 1 ½ years or so.

What do you think of the idea of this NFC keyboard, or would you rather just stick to a trusty Bluetooth keyboard instead?

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