Rumor: Microsoft Surface RT will be lighter than iPad, with 13hrs battery...

Rumor: Microsoft Surface RT will be lighter than iPad, with 13hrs battery life


When the Microsoft Surface tablet was first announced, there was a heck of a lot of hype generated, despite the fact that a lot of the details weren’t actually revealed. Now it seems that we are finally learning a bit more about Microsoft’s upcoming tablet. According to the unofficial information about the tablet, it seems that the ARM-based version, called the Surface RT, is aiming to be lighter than the iPad and will have the ability to play HD video for 13 hours consecutively. How much lighter? Ipads weight 652g and are 9.4mm thick, but the Surface RT will have models that start at 520g.

According to this rumored news, the battery in the Surface features “connected standby” mode which means that the tablet will be asleep and yet can still use a little bit of power for things like updates. In “connected standby” you should be able to get about 320 to 409 hours, with actual usage around 8-13 hours for most tasks.

It’s hard to say whether this news is legit or not, but if it proves true, the Microsoft Surface RT model just got a heck of a lot more interesting. What do you think, if the rumors are true, would you consider the Microsoft Surface tablet over the iPad or a high-end Android tablet? Additionally, how much would you be willing to pay for the Surface RT model? Keep in mind the RT version will not run traditional Windows apps and drivers.
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